Port Nicholson

Port Nicholson Fisheries has operated since the late 60’s, when it was owned and operated by a Greek immigrant named George Stravinos.  He formed a partnership
with Taranaki / SI iwi in the 80’s and the business was NZ 5th largest exporter.

Our shareholding in Port Nicholson Fisheries helps maximise returns on our crayfish quota and allows us better access to more markets.

port nic diagram

The Company was purchased by an iwi partnership including the ICP, PKW, and Ngati Mutunga in 2013 and has since added a further 9 iwi.  It used the same structure as the ICP which is flexible and efficient for members. 

From 1 April 2016 Aotearoa Fisheries’ lobster division will also become a shareholder of Port Nicholson Fisheries to process and export live lobster. 

This partnership will process 650 tonnes of lobster quota – almost half of the North Island and Chatham Islands’ TACC (Total Allowable Commercial Catch) and 23% of New Zealand’s total live lobster exports. This will make PNF New Zealand’s second largest exporter of live lobster.

tile crayfish

It will allow more efficient use of our swimming facilities. It also allows Ngati Porou to maximise return on our quota assets and collaborate with partners on new innovations like farming lobster, cutting edge in-market swimming facilities to ensure our crayfish reach our customers in premium quality so we secure premium prices.

It also allows us a position of influence we use to protect the resource for generations, so our people on the East Coast can always go to the ocean to get a feed for our whanau (families).